Sudhir Ruparelia

TYCOON Sudhir Ruparelia on Thursday asked all the fired staff at Sanyu FM to reapply for their jobs following the summary dismissal earlier in the week.
The businessman had sacked all his staff at his radio station after they rejected a 25 per cent salary reduction introduced, as exclusively revealed by this website.
But following a Management meeting and an apology from the striking workers who accused James Onen aka Fat Boy of misleading them, the workers now have a chance to redeem their jobs.
A source said that the top managers during the meeting agreed that all those who had absconded but wanted to return must re-apply for their jobs.
Rajiv Ruparelia, the Managing Director of Sanyu FM said the proposed cut was to ensure they keep all staff as opposed to laying off some and retain a few.

He also clarified that they fired no one but the staff decided to abandon work over a proposal to reduce their

fat salaried by 25% in order to keep afloat as a means of dealing with CODIV-19 pandemic.

Rajiv added that some worker, after second thought of their actions had called back apologizing and were ready to return to work, a move he allowed.

“Our workers were misled by selfish Fat Boy, but some have since returned, and tomorrow you will hear the girl who was working with Fat Boy on air working with new co-host Salvordo,” Rajiv said.

“Let’s correct the narrative. Dr.Sudhir Ruparelia didn’t fire any one, they chose to lay down tools because management proposed just a 25% cut off salaries for obvious reasons, the rest of the world is aware, only Sanyu Fm staff are not, I think.

But this is Fat Boy at work, he just misled our whole beloved staff, he is so selfish. He can’t even see that bigger brands in the industry have sent many workers home and those that have remained have had their salaries cut up to 50%. For us we’ve just said 25%, and even this has come after how long? Don’t you think that even what they had made before has now been spent on them and other expenses already?” Rajiv wondered.


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