Peng Peng is on the run

Sweden based Ugandan blogger Peng Peng- real names Raymond Mutumba, but using names Raymond Woods Smith in Sweden- is wanted by Swedish police and court bailiffs following a court decision in the district of Nacka, Stockholm on 8th April, 2020, popular Facebooker TVO reports.

According to TVO, Peng Peng is accused of obtaining credit by false pretence to the tune of 39,877 swedish crowns equivalent of USD 4333, from a company called Tumba Bilgrupp AB based in Stockholm in 2017.

After the company discovered the fraud according to court, they gave him the option of paying the money back immediately, and he failed and they lodged both a police case and sued him in Nacka district court case number T344-20, and he ignored the summons and the court bailiffs failed to trace him, as he changed from one address to another according to the court papers, AND THE COURT MADE A DEFAULT JUDGEMENT IN FAVOUR OF THE COMPANY

ON 8th April, 2020.

He was initially registered in the suburb of Stavnas but in real lived in another part of city called Alby, where he recently moved from, after the police were tipped off and came looking for him, and he is now registered at Tullinge but does not live there too, so the police quizzed the people at the address, two Indians a one Navpreet Kaur and Harinder Singh who hired a room to him, in their apartment on Banslatt street number 7B.

Peng peng using name Raymond Soulfa on facebook, is a Ugandan blogger who has lived in Sweden since 2011.

He is a big gambler at Stockholm casinos, and he is officially 32 years old and his social security number says it (19880414-25**) that he was born on 14th April 1988.

According to TVO, Peng Peng lives on collecting money from business people and politicians using all sorts of methods including blackmail and threatening to attack them on his facebook where he has a big following.

He has no stable employment, and has been fired from more than 10 jobs in the last 7 years.


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