Health Ministry PS Diana Atwine during the launch earlier


The Ministry of ICT and National Guidance in partnership with the Ministry of Health has supported a private company CTI-Africa to develop a world class mobile app that shall be used to help in curbing the spread of COVID 19.

The “Call The Clinic” (MOH – CTC) App is the latest generation application with world class real time data visualization and analysis using digital maps. The application will facilitate remote patient diagnosis and instant MOH notifications.


The Government of Uganda through Ministry of Health, wants to ensure that in the near future, symptomatic patients will be able to have immediate access to health agents via voice and video call.


“In the coming days, we should be more vigilant on fighting the spread of the Corona virus, and I am confident that with the application we will be able to provide timely medical information and immediate action, this will also let us get back to our normal routines faster” said Dr Diana Atwine, the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health. She also added that systems such as these are revolutionizing healthcare in Uganda. This is only the beginning of a new era in medical care in Uganda.


The app is a simple practical solution in line with Ministry of Health efforts to digitize healthcare service. Individuals will have access to both informative and educative information from the Ministry of Health on the latest updates and statistics.

Through the application, the public is also educated on the symptoms and preventive measures against COVID-19. The local community is able to send anonymous notifications of local symptomatic patients.



there is anything, we have learnt in this COVID-19 era, is that whether we want or not, or have systems or not, we must embrace technology. COVI-19 has made it in a way that how we conduct business and services will never be the same again,” said Vincent Bagiire, Permanent Secretary Ministry of ICT & National Guidance.


The application is easy to use, a patient using android can download the app from the google play stage or access the link on the Ministry of Health website, register his/her credentials in the spaces provided and will be provided with a welcome screen to call the clinic (CTC). With the information provided, doctors can remotely diagnose patients and all necessary action will be taken.


In this COVID 19 period, the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance has provided extensive support that include continuous support to the Communication and Sensitization programme on all media platforms that include TV, radio, social media e.g. WhatsApp chatbot, twitter, etc. and support to the COVID-19 call Centre in form human resources and various operational equipment.

Additionally, the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance recently issued out a call for under the National ICT Initiatives Support Program (NIISP) for innovators with solutions for health services or other public service delivery systems that can be used in this COVID period or post COVID period to apply for grants.

The app was developed by CTI Africa, a team of young Ugandans that are building local solutions for local problems. Their holistic approach in creating fresh economic and social possibilities, through leveraging technology and best practices in agriculture, renewable energy, financial inclusion, healthcare, and clean water is improving the quality of lives in Uganda. Our interventions, premised on technology, deliver exponential growth and impact.


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