The pastor has been using his followers

A renowned Kampala Pentecostal pastor has today been exposed as a sex-pest who has been using his female followers.

Photos of Kingdom Tabernacle, Buwate lead pastor, Joshua Karungi, in bed with a boobliscious follower are doing the rounds on Snapchat.

According to info on our desk, Pastor Karungi has bedded various female followers promising

them the Kingdom of God.

In this particular incident, Karungi had been counselling the follower and ended up bonking her.
And those in the know tell us this has been Karungi’s daily bread.

“It’s the old normal at his church,” one told us.

This comes as pastors and the pentacostal fraternity continues to receive criticisms for their dealings.

Pastor Karungi and his church’s representatives have been contacted for a comment.


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