Faridah and Nameere have been at loggerheads

Justine Nameere has finally ended her biff with NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe.

Nameere finally penned an emotional forgiveness letter and acknowledged that Faridah was duped.

Nameere wrote:
“Forgiveness is something very creative and goes beyond the existing facts. It recognises the deeper goodness in people, despite what they have done.
There is no forgiveness if one wants punishment. Forgiveness means pardoning and letting go completely! It requires great grace to forgive. To wrong is human, to forgive is divine!

The good thing is that the truth is out there! I believe the truth came out because God chose to bring out the truth! The truth sometimes painfully takes long to come to light but FORTUNATELY WHEN THE TRUTH COMES AROUND, IT IS UNSTOPPABLE, IT DEFEATS THE LIES! I feel relieved and I do not hover any ill feelings against anyone. It’s time to move on from this issue that was started by a senseless dishonest person who fooled Faridah Nakazibwe.

I forgive you Faridah. Moving forward I hold nothing against you! I instructed my Lawyers to withdraw all the cases that were proceeding against you! HOWEVER I caution you to have the police keep a close watch on yo ex husband, he seems capable of just so much and I also suggest that you find professional help for the black mail you suffered and am informed you are still suffering from him!
I also apologize to you for where my anger led me to say some ungodly stuff.

For all the pain, torture, torment, losses, depression, direct and indirect suffering that I have gone through since these 100% very false malicious lies were told about me, I leave it all to God! For all the pain and torture that my family and loved ones went through because of this, I leave it all to God as well! God who deals with hearts, who knows the inside of hearts! I leave it all to him.

My lovely family, fans, viewers, former work mates and well wishers I thank you! I do not take you love and support for granted! God bless you.
I leave you Matthew 18:21-35 please read it.”


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