Balaam today handed over laptops to Ashburg and Ray

A section of National Resistance Movement (NRM) bloggers have criticised events promoter Balaam Barugahara for neglecting them yet he keeps taking opposition social media influencers like Ashiraf Kato, aka Ashburg Katto to President Yoweri Museveni.

In images shared online, Balaam took former People Power member who recently crossed to the ruling party NRM Katto to Museveni who donated five cows to him and accepted his proposal to help the ghettos.

Other reports claim that Ashburg also got millions from the NRM chairman.

But while many would think that NRM bloggers are happy for the new addition to their team, the ruling party influencers are up in arms with Balaam for leaving them behind when taking people to meet Museveni for a piece of the national cake that includes brown envelopes.

Led by former presidential assistant and now deputy head of the Government Citizen

Interaction Centre (GCIC) Duncan Abigaba, the pro-NRM bloggers say they have done a lot of work without pay for a long time and now is the best time for Museveni to reward them as they gear up to drum up support for him and all party flag bearers in the 2021 general elections.

Abigaba wants Balaam to organise a meeting between Museveni and NRM bloggers, and negotiate for some brown envelopes to motivate the social media influencers.

“Balaam Barugahara, when will you take NRM bloggers to meet the President? So many young people, defending the President and promoting NRM agenda every day, no income or anything. Nobody thinks about them. Time to fix the leaks in our roof!” complained Abigaba.

Recently, Balaam extended food items to bloggers belonging to NRM and opposition including to Ashburg Katto who accused Bobi Wine and People power of neglecting its influencers. The food was reportedly donated by Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Museveni’s son. Abigaba was in charge of drafting the list of beneficiaries but now wants more from Balaam and Museveni.


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