Bobi Wine is worried Ashburg’s expose could cost him

Presidential hopeful Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine is said to be ‘greatly worried’ by the damage Ashburg Katto’s crossing to NRM could cause.

Earlier today, photos of Bobi’s hardman Ashburg with President Yoweri Museveni made the rounds on social media before a video in which Ashburg denounces People Power emerged.

Bobi expressed his disapointment following what has been termed as Ashburg’s betrayal.
Reacting to a Facebook post, a disappointed Bobi wrote: “If you stand for the truth, better be ready to stand alone.”

And now we are hearing Bobi is greatly hurt and scared of the damage Ashburg could cause. For years, Ashburg had been close to Bobi with the two sharing deepest secrets.
“Ashburg knows all Bobi’s little secrets. The dirty ones. He knows all his friends, including young ladies. Bobi is well aware he (Ashburg) can hurt him so bad,” a source told us.

There’s also strong worry Ashburg was so deep into Bobi’s political game that if he spills what he knows, Bobi’s presidential ambitions will be KO-ed.
“Ashburg has been People Power’s online gun. He knows too much. He’s a big catch for Museveni. He has dismantled the People Power social media strategy,” a source


But now, Bobi is worried he can’t trust anyone.
He thinks everyone around him is capable of betraying him.

“He now trusts no one fully. Maybe his son Solomon Kampala. No one else,” an insider told us.

Photos of Ashburg Katto at Museveni’s ranch have caused a social media storm after they leaked. While Ashburg claimed he met the president yesterday, we can confirm the meeting actually took place some time back.

Ashburg was delivered to Museveni by businessman Balaam Barugahara.
He was also taken with another opposition blogger, Ray Superstar.

Following the meeting, Ashburg announced he had switched to Museveni’s camp with the hashtag SevoAfterSevoAfterSevo.

He further revealed he had been given five fresian cows.

He announced: “We visited President Museveni from his farm and he taught us farming. (Thank you Balaam Barugahara). I had gone to present my project proposal called THE GHETTO INITIATIVE which is going to see all Kampala ghettos revived.

After teaching us all the basics of farming and rearing cows, the president gave me five cows (5) and he also gave my other team two cows each.
He asked us to implement and teach the farming skills he taught us to our fellow youths.

More details to follow…. (Politics is a b**h and karma is just a coincidence)




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