Juliana’s relationship with Kassim Ouma was a missed call

Sometime last year (2019), Juliana Kanyomozi- in what seemed like a frustration filled response- blasted one of her followers on Twitter to back off from issues concerning her marital status.

It all started with the singer posting about her then new song, Omukwano Ogwedda.
A follower replied assuring Juliana how she had no moral authority on love matters.

In response, Juliana sarcastically appreciated the follower for the concern but advised him to keep the advice for his sisters.
‘You’re so kind but no thank you, no need. Please save those prayers for your sisters,” Juliana shot.

Ever since she hit the public scene as a teenage diva from Namasagali, Juliana has always caught the eye.
However her love life has always been an eye sore.
Her love life is not a really a great story to be proud of.
Yes, she’s dated a series of fellas but most of the relationships have been short-lived or heartbreaking.
Various media reports have linked her to different men over the years. Some relationships, she’s denied. Others, she just let’s go. But many Ugandans will agree that mostly, Juliana has been more unlucky than lucky in love.

But just, who are the men in Juliana’s life. And how did the relationships pun out?

Read on…

Amon Lukwago

Amon is JK’s first baby daddy who financed her music career in the beginning, even starting for her a music shop, Sound Room. Their relationship led to birth of Keron (RIP). Just like any other relationship, they got misunderstanding arising from infidelity and alleged domestic violence.
It’s the most stable relationship she’s known to have been in.


Kassim Ouma

Juliana briefly dated US-based Ugandan boxer-Kassim Ouma who even made her change her name to Jamila. At one time.

She even followed him to the US and sang at his fight and partied together all night. Unfortunately he lost the bout and got rid of Juliana a few days later! But when they separated, Ouma’s life changed as well he has never been good in the ring as he used to be.
Her relationship to Kassim was one of JK’s moments of madness.


Peter Miles

In October 2008, it was reported that Juliana had found love and Mr. Right in raggamuffin Peter Miles Kanyike.
It was reported then in various sections of media that Juliana had been secretly dating Miles. In fact some sources said the two hooked back at Namasagali College.
Just like the rumor of their relationship had started, it ended just like that.
The two up to now remain friends. Theirs was just friends with benefits. There was never an effort from both parties to make it work. And Peter loves them younger anyway.


Mujib Kasule

Former soccer star turned socialite, Mujib Kasule was a playboy back in the day. He conquered them. Former Miss Uganda Salma Nassanga and many more others including our diva Juliana. However, their relationship didn’t last long as the two didn’t connect.
In an interview with New Vision, Mujib admitted a relationship but mostly casual. He actually took advantage of her.
This is what he said when asked if he was involved with Juliana:
“I thought you are asking funny questions, that is a serious question. Well, I met Julianna when she was still at Bugema. She was my cousin’s best friend so she used to come and visit us at home. We

never interacted then because she was young. When she joined Namasagali, I left the country. When I came back, my cousin blamed me for being slow because Juliana had a crush on me but she couldn’t tell me. I asked her whether the crush was still on, and she smiled. I usually ask her that question but she just smiles.”


Ian Mbugua

In 2013, rumour of the romance between the two Tusker Project Fame (TPF) judges song diva Juliana Kanyomozi and Ian Mbugua hit the media. The two believed to have hooked each other during their first time when the two met at panel of judges at TPF and since then, Ian became so protective to the singer.

At one point it was also rumoured that Mbugua even bought an apartment in Nairobi Kenya and Juliana would relocate to occupy it. Around the time of the rumor, Mbugua was going through difficulties with his wife.


King Lawrence

The less said the better.
It started in 2013 when the two hooked up here in Uganda. Since then, it was a matter of days that King Lawrence laid Juliana in Serena Hotel and then exposed her. Stupid King Lawrence shared on his social media account … a pair of her green knickers and used rubbers/condoms, before assuring the whole world that they were in a hotel room and had sex.
Juliana issued an apology.


Jordan Evora

Word on the street in 2014 was that Juliana Kanyomozi has found true love finally. According to different sources, the lucky man who managed to sweep her off her feet was identified as Jordan Evora.

Evora was born in Uganda and moved to the Netherlands at the age of 18. On the streets of Bijlmer he was often involved in street fights and began training in kickboxing when he was found by his first trainer Lucien Carbin. Lucien Carbin ex-kickboxing world champion took him the first time to the gym and started to work with him.
Up to now, we have never understood what happened to her alleged relationship with our dear JK.


Farouk Ssempala

Following the separation of Zari and Farouk, Farouk tried so had to look for a woman that would make Zari get ‘spinning thoughts’. In the attempt to revive himself, close friends to him tell us he tried five women; Hady Ssengo, Julie Underwood, JK, Judith Heard and Karungi Daphne. He later settled with Underwood leaving JK and the others nursing broken hearts.


Mr Flavour

JK’s alleged relationship with Nigerian singing superstar Mr. Flavor was a non starter.
The rumor just surfaced when the two were part of a group of musicians taking part in COKE STUDIO in Nairobi. The two during the Coke Studio session were spotted in rather suggesting positions that left Ugandans amd Africa talking.


Juliana gives birth to Taj

Juliana is a proud mom again

Last evening, the diva announced the birth of her second child, Taj. Since the news, many have been wondering who the baby daddy could be.

Could she finally have found the real Mr.Right? Many are asking. Her baby daddy remains unknown to the public. But rumors are alreadys flying with some suggesting Moses Lumala, a city businessman who already has two wives and some are saying that in 2018, Juliana agreed with her first baby daddy Amon Lukwago to have another child.

Apparently, they have been trying (for a baby) since then.


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