Kizza Besigye has been providing legit solutions to the virus

By Peter Waiswa

There is, as the adage goes, a silver lining for every cloud.

The COVID-19 pandemic has helped us to know a few things about the leaders we have as a nation.

In times of crisis, the citizens would want to rely firmly on certain traits and abilities in a leader. I have used these traits as parameters to judge our available leaders in Uganda. I look at the top three wanting to be president come 2021. Kiiza Besigye, Yoweri Museveni and Robert Kyagulanyi

1. Knowledge

A leader must be knowledgeable about everything. Leaders must be readers. There is no finding excuses when you are a leader. You cannot say that topic does not fall in my line of profession. And so, we have, through this pandemic, wanted our leaders to be more knowledgeable than us all. If they are not, how then would they guide us through the pandemic?

On this parameter of knowledge, they have scored this:

Kiiza Besigye 85%
Yoweri Museveni 11%
Kyagulanyi Robert 4%

Justification of the Marks.

Kiiza Besigye has provided real time and authoritative medical information about the virus. Given us valuable ways to boost immunity, told us practical and clear ways to stay uninfected and more. He has been the most sought for, single educator on the virus. He has been invited from media house to media house to give information and he has delivered well. Even some critics of his have acknowledged his prowess in medicine. While

his opponents have tried to stop him.

Yoweri Museveni, even with a big team of experts to school him on the virus, has, through all his speeches on TV sounded vague and less authoritative. He has been seen to be visibly gambling the nation through the crisis. He is gambling because he is not knowledgeable.

Kyagulanyi, only gave knowledgeable information at the beginning of the scourge when he sang a song about COVID-19. After that, he went back to populistic stunts questioning the money which the parliament, where he sits, appropriated and passed.

2. We would want a leader, during the crisis who is in control. In control, both of his own faculties and the situation. Here is the score.

Kiiza Besigye-75%
Yoweri Museveni-2%
Kyagulanyi- 0%

A crisis slaps a lot of panic on the nation. The leaders must assure the nation and bring back the calm and control needed.
Kiiza Besigye, through his radio speeches and TV has shown that he is not panicky. He showed us that the crisis can be overcome with available things like lemon, salt, exercise, social distance, sharing and others. He was not panicking and the followers get reassurance if they just listen to him

Museveni panicked and did laughable things in the panic. For instance, opening garages without spare parts, fighting for trucks to continue bringing goods for shops that were closed, allowing motorcycles to operate and closing their garages…..etc.

Kyagulanyi was not around on the scene for us to be able to see how he is faring. He went into Oblivion totally.

To be continued………..


Note: The views expressed herein are entirely the writer’s and do not represent the news outlet.


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