Sheila and dad Frank are determined to deal with Kisti

Bad gal Robin Kisti has acquired a gun  as her war with Sheila Gashumba gets out of hand.

Ever since Sheila Gashumba came out to express her dissatisfaction with the amount of money NTV Uganda used to pay at the Serena Hotel-based station, there has been an altercation with Kisti.

Her (Sheila) comments were met with mixed reactions, some people on her side, whereas others totally against her, and these include former workmate Robin Kisti who used to present the entertainment show dubbed Login.

In the days that followed, Kisti kept on revealing ‘secrets’ the bigger section of the public didn’t know about Sheila through her several social media pages, something that has since not settled well with Sheila’s father, Frank Gashumba.

While appearing on NBS TV’s Uncut Kalakaka tonight, the social and political critic said that they are planning to sue Robin Kisti for her utterances against them.

“There is this girl that used to work with Sheila and she has been talking too much lately, abusing her. We are actually going to sue her. If

she was earning well as she alleges, why did she abandon the job and ran to the USA for kyeyo?” Gashumba wondered as he spent the biggest part of the show defending and praising his daughter.

Kisti unveiled her pistol on Snapchat

But even as the move for legal redress goes on, Sheila and Kisti haven’t gone silent. The two have been stuck in a bitter was on Snapchat.

The two spent most of last night in bitter exchanges with Kisti unveiling her gun, and sending follower in absolute shock.

And after the revelation, whe revealed she is ready for war.

Kisti’s new gun is a Taurus G3 9mm 4 in. Barrel 17 Rnd Pistol and is said to be one of the most efficient hand guns ever made.

And having been raised in the ghettos of London, Kisti must know a thing or two about guns.

It must be noted that Sheila Gashumba’s lover, God’s Plan is not new to guns himself. He was arrested and convicted for leading a gang of criminals in downtown London.

We could be set for a full scale war on Kampala streets.

We won’t say anymore!


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