Charles Peter Mayiga

BUGANDA kingdom Prime minister Charles Peter Mayinga has described businessman Frank Gashumba as a fraudster with nothing else to offer.

Hon. Mayiga- was addressing the Kingdom and nation about recent developments in the country, Monday morning.
A few weeks ago, outspoken Gashumba branded Mayiga money minded and not fit to be a kingdom Katikkiro.

Gashumba said: “Charles Peter Mayiga is not even worth being the Katikkiro of Buganda. He is just money minded. With all the money collected through Tofaari and the billions got from government, he failed to complete the Masiro. By the time he leaves that position, he would have failed the Kabaka in many areas. In Buganda its only the king that I cannot scrutinize. The rest I can like Mayiga because he is a Mukopi like me.”

And this clearly didn’t go so well with the Katikkiro.

“That one is a convicted fraudster who was

made to walk barefoot in cuffs to Luzira. He should not be having an opinion on me or anyone else,” Mayiga shot back.

It must be noted that over the years, Mayiga has come under scrutiny from a section of the public opinion Lea like Gashumba and Tamale Mirundi.
Former Presidential Press Secretary and Presidential Advisor on media, Joseph Tamale Mirundi has accused the Prime Minister of Buganda Kingdom Charles Peter Mayiga of hiding behind the Kabaka to fight his political battles instead of facing his opponents as a man.

Frank Gashumba

Often, Mirundi says that by using the Kabaka as his defence everytime, he was under attack, Mayiga makes it look like his mistakes are also the Kabaka’s mistakes which would risk spoiling the Kabaka’s image.
Frank Gashumba has accused Mayiga- of living like the king himself, yet the people he claims to serve can’t even afford basic needs.


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