Charles Lambert

Africa’s first ever economic war is set to be spearheaded by The Black Wall Street with a $60 billion investment.

Black Wall Street’s will strike Africa’s first economic war assignment starting with the mobile devices industry in Africa with $60 billion capital flight channel with disruptive commerce to begin a massive economic war in multiple sectors for Africa’s glory.

Charles N Lambert’s preachings on economic war are all about educating Africans to change their buying decisions and defeat the Western world and Asians with economic Truth.

The Black Wall Street (BWS) movement wants to see Africans develop economic power and earning power.

BWS is confident of winning this war and scare economic invaders from Africa for the next millennium.

BWS is set get money from USA, UK, China, France, Germany, Russia and all over the world to develop Africa.

Charles N Lambert, the Leader of Africa’s first Economic war said the money will be used to build schools, hospitals, roads, villages and ogwe necessary infrastructure.

“We have been funding them through our resources they take and this is our turn to pick ours,” Mr. Lambert said.

Development Channel (DC) launched the Black Wall Street at the end of last year aimed at alleviating poverty in Africa and particularly Uganda, by inspiring beneficiaries to invest wisely.

In a two day workshop held at Hotel Africana in Kampala, Development Channel (DC) chairman, Charles Lambert, unveiled the long-term lucrative plan that will without a doubt change investors lives in the year 2020.

The new campaign is dubbed ‘The Black Wall Street’ with it’s main aim being fighting poverty.

The theme of The Black Wall Street is ‘Because Investment is the vaccine for poverty’.

Chairman Charles Lambert also explained in detail the core values and operations of DC, insisting in certain words that it is not a pyramid scheme like many people think.

“Uganda is filled with investment opportunities and we are here to exploit such. We will create thousands of jobs to the youth. When you invest heavily, your family linage can’t suffer,” Charles Lambert said as he opened a two day convention aimed at preaching and instilling investment knowledge among Ugandans.

Basing his speech on the scripture, Charles Lambert also called on investors to always remember God, reminding them that Wisdom comes from God. It’s this wisdom from God that enables people to make profits.

Through the newly launched Uganda Poverty

Alleviation program, DC will help investors to start earning from Capital investment.
He insisted that capital investment was a way better avenue of earning big compared to the African mentality and dependence on labour as a major factor of production.

“Capital investment is the way to go,” Charles Lambert preached as he asked members to reignite the spark DC launched with a few years ago.

He insisted that DC can’t be remotely associated with Pyramid Schemes describing them as low level.
Charles said: “Development Channel is 100% high level intellect. Pyramid Schemes are are unsustainable. DC is a long-term project.”

He further explained operations of DC explaining how investors earn from various umbrella companies.
Through these companies, investors earn a profit. These companies are majorly pro development.

“Pro development companies were specifically designed to solve African problems. They are highly lucrative because the returns are extremely high. They meet the needs of the people,” Charles Lambert said as he handed over profits to some of the beneficiaries and investors.

He also pledged to continue the sensitisation of the masses about DC so as to create a clear understanding of how DC and the financial industry operates. He further revealed a plan of making Uganda the financial heartbeat of Africa by selling investment shares to the rest of the world through the Black Chain Wall Street he launched.

This can fetch Uganda up to $4 billion.

“I understand that most of you have never seen anything like Development Channel before hence find it hard to understand it.

Every developed nation has a few private sector companies with deep innovations that brought billions of dollars into their economy helping fastrack their development. In today’s world, such innovations that cut through countless economies are online. Facebook, Google, Apple, and others are bringing in billions of dollars into the United States. Alibaba, Hauwei are doing the same for China. Hardly any African country has such a company hence the lack in various countries in Africa.

DC is here to change that through our unprecedented innovations in the global economic system, covering the Pan African Economic System, Greater European Economic System, Great Americas Economic System, Greater East Asia Economic system, and the Greater South Asia Economic System means we will lead the world’s economy in little or no time bringing billions of dollars into Uganda like others have done in other nation,” Charles Lambert concluded.


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