Natamba is accused by his wife of neglect

Edward Natamba, a brother to renowned lawyer and policy analyst- Godber Tumushabe- has been accused by his wife of neglect.

The wife’s messages exposing Natamba

Natamba, the former Executive Director of South Western Institute for Policy and Advocacy (SOWIPA) is accused by his wife, Phiona Natamba, of arrogantly abandoning his family even when one of his sons is badly sick.

In leaked WhatsApp messages, desperate Phiona begs friends in a Najjeera community WhatsApp group to rescue her with donations.

“Hello Ladies and gentlemen…
This may not be the right time to vent to you but I feel I should let out what’s pressing me deep inside! I’m here to inform all you neighbors and friends that Natamba⁩ abandoned his four sons! As I type right now, one is ill and the rest are just home helpless too,” desperate

Emily writes- “No food in the house no nothing! Thanks @⁨+256 78…… for running to our rescue. You saw how my son was all helpless like he has no father. Natamba, you’ve always abandoned your kids and I won’t die of stress when you are there living life like you have no family.”

But in typical arrogant style, Natamba tells the wife to forget about him and imagine him dead, only demanding she withdraws the police cars if she ever wants to see him.

Phiona wants Natamba to care for his sons

In more angry messages, Phiona reveals that their sons are fed up of the constant fights between the pair.
“I’m here because of the kids not marriage! Let him look after his kids. That’s when I’ll keep quiet. They’re tired of our fights too! I won’t suffer in silence,” she tells a group.

She further revealed she has exploited all possible avenues to resolve this rather sad issue in vain.

Natamba was not available for comment.


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