East African biggest and the most streamed artist in Africa has taken a good turn to help some 500 families in the coronavirus season.

Diamond took to his social media pages to respond to the call from several less privileged in his country by offering to pay 3 months house rent for 500 families.

This is a right turn though the pandemic is affecting all businesses including that of the artists, they choose to help others because they have a little more than others and also, have to give back to society in times like this – he suggests.

“I pretty much know that at these

terrible times where we are all fighting global pandemic COVID-19,countless life circumstances have changed especially in businesses, many businesses are drowning hence rendering to financial difficulties and life becoming a little bit tough to many of us.

Although I am amongst those affected by this pandemic on Economy, with the little that God has blessed me with, I have decided to atleast offer a helping hand by paying 3 Months house rent to 500 families as my kind gesture of helping one another during these terrible times of fighting COVID-19 for I believe i should share your troubles and your happiness too.

On Monday I shall announce procedure on how these 500 families shall receive house rent,” Diamond Platnumz announced.


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