Superstar Jose Chameleone has announced he’s done working with renowned music promoter and businessman Balaam Barugahara.

In a voice note released today, Chameleone accused Balaam of betrayal before he ended their association.
The Leone Island star, however said he will honor his contract with the promoter and won’t be renewing.

Only one show remains on a five year contract.
“I’m done working with Balaam. He has proven to me once again how bad hearted he is. He is a wolf in a sheep’s skin. I swear to God, I won’t work with him again after the last show remaining on my contract with

him,”- Chameleoene vowed- “Balaam is a rich man, i really don’t know why he wishes others who are trying to be better bad. Wherever he goes, he fights people, even in State House.”

This stunning news comes when Balaam under pressure from where and the public for his double standardness.

Just like what he did to Chameleone, Balaam is once again accused of setting up Sipapa- real name Charles Olimi- to be arrested and ordered URA to impound 10 of his cars.

An audio clip exposes Balaam while directing URA officials to Sipapa’s residence in Kitintale
where his unregistered cars are parked.

Balaam is unrepentant.
He insists he is tired of the so called “Untouchables” purportedly supporting the NRM government.


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