Musician Ykee Benda is devising means to get into NBS TV newsanchor Sheila Nduhukire’s pants.

Well, this is if we are to go by his Facebook posts and what he’s been telling close buddies.
For the last few days, we are told, Ykee has been speaking in tongues about Nduhukire.

We are told, he has been telling pals that she is the most beautiful girl in

Uganda, and wants to be part of her life.
And just yesterday, the fella took to Facebook to express his feelings.

He posted Nduhukire’s photo and captioned:
“Thank you NBS Television. I can’t thank you enough…. Thank you again.”

Ykee Benda is single after breaking up with his baby momma sometime last year. As far as we know, Nduhukire is single as well.


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