AZZIAD NASENYA has become an overnight internet sensation after she brought the internet to a standstill, thanks to a TikTok video of herself dancing along to Femi One’s hit song ‘Utawezana’ featuring Mejja.

Thanks to Azziad Nasenya, the ‘Utawezana’ hit song blew up even more on social media and as a ripple effect, it has helped the song a chart topper.

And that’s not all, Kenyan Azziad who is a dancer and actor has been trending for days straight on social media.

She’s got it all. The beauty, alluring contagious smile, her no bone waist dancing moves that brought together East Africans as Covid-19 continues to bite.

And thanks to Azziad, the ‘Utawezana Challenge’ has taken over the internet by storm with Ugandans and Tanzanians joining Kenyans to post challenges.

Kenyan sleuths on Twitter made it their business to find out the official social media handles of the dancer who has made the challenge worthwhile and entertaining. Other East Africans took to social media to share their own versions of ‘Utawezana Challenge’ and it’s the most entertaining and hilarious thing you will see since curfew, quarantine, and lockdowns depending with where you are.

Azziad is a 19 year old media student currently studying in Kenya.
The ‘Utawezana’ video challenge catapulted her into sudden fame.
She started a Tiktok channel in August 2019 and within a short period she had over 2.1 million views.

About six months later, Azziad’s Tiktok account was verified in February 2020. Tiktok is a popular Chinese video-sharing social networking service.
Azziad commands a Twitter of more than 52K followers and atleast 120K Instagram followers.

She literally blew the world away with #UtawezanaChallenge, a challenge born out of Mejja and Femi One’s raunchy single Utawezana.

Consequently she attracted social media bullies especially on Twitter with many accusing her of using excessive filters on her skin tone. East African in large numbers were having none of that.

Azziad works as a theatre actress when not on tiktok.
Her private phone number was leaked onto the internet and she reported that on a single day she received atleast more than 13,000 messages from unknown numbers.
She says that she is a teetotaler and doesn’t smoke.

Her famous video challenge has had East Africa orgasming.
One wrote: “She is in a class of her own. Infact, Femi 1 and ‘Okonkwo’ should pay her for making their song popular. Imagine how fast the song is trending courtesy of Azziad. She has kept us entertained during this bad period.”

“Does this girl really have haters? I only see tweets supporting her and chasing away “haters.” Or was it a hater. That said:”There’s nothing as encouraging as a confident woman loving and enjoying what she does. So let me add my non-hating here,” Kenyan media celebrity Carol Radull posted.

Legendary Sauti Sol had something to say as well.
“A country that has no artists has no culture. Investing in artists is investing in the future of a nation. We heal through science but we also heal through art. Art is an essential service,” they wrote.

Another added: “Isn’t she beautiful? On top of that, Azziad has been killing it on the #UtawezanaChallenge.”


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