Singing Pastor Wilson Bugembe has described as shameful, Ugandan artistes asking President Yoweri Museveni and government for virus compensation.

Bugembe insists all Ugandans have equally affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.
“It’s selfish for artists to think they are special and deserve special treatment,” Bugembe said.

Since the virus outbreak businesses all over the world have closed as world leaders preach social distancing as the safest means to avoid the spread.
As a result, local musicians have as well been affected as there is

no business going on.

Since the lockdown, a host of musicians have been calling upon president Museveni to compensate them.
Bugingo strongly disagrees.

“Asking for compensation from president Museveni is not only unfair but ashaming the industry.
You can maybe ask him for help as a friend, but demanding compensation is totally disgraceful, ashaming and heartless.

It’s not the president who brought the virus for starters. And musicians must understand the pandemic is affecting every Ugandan, not just musicians,” Bugembe shot.

In the interview, the talented gospel singer also revealed he has recorded a pandemic awareness song with comedian and singer Amooti Omubalanguzi.


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