Social critique and businessman Frank Gashumba has said President Yoweri Museveni’s action to ban advertising unauthorized local herbs was a good step.

“In the last speech by president Museveni, I was happy that he listened to my plea to ban publicity of local unauthentic herbs. It’s good that he banned it. Better late than never. I am glad he had my YouTube message I aired on March 27,” Gashumba said.

During his last speech, president Museveni warned closure of a television or radio outlets where adverts of unauthorised local herbs are being advertised.

Gashumba SAID that in the developed world, no drug shop would sell you a medicine without doctor’s recommendation.

“They use a social security number to put to punch in information about your visits to health experts. Once a prescription is authenticated, then a drug shop releases the medicine. What is sold on counter is food supplement. Nothing

else,” Gashumba said.

He criticised Bukedde TV for promoting “nosense” just because they are looking for money.

” I can’t imagine who runs this country. It makes us feel bad when illegalities are done freely as if there is no authority,” Gashumba said.

He also touched the issue of food distribution where shs. 59 bn will be used to purchase food for the poor.

He said there must be full accountability for.all.funds and that he was sure more that 1.5m government planned for require food.

“They should reach out to all the needy” Gashumba said.
On fake preachers who boast of wielding powers to heal, Gashumba advised government to arrest them.

“They keep telling the unsuspecting flock that they have powers to heal all forms of disease. Let them come out now instead of asking for money from people,” Gashumba said.


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