By Emma Carlos Mulondo

Well on a brighter side, #Covid19 (hope it’s even right to say) is going help us become more innovative and creative on how alternatively we can do business across all business Domains especially in this #DigitalEra.

Take for instance in the Entertainment Industry where I specialize, there has been a permanent perception by practioneers that they can only earn a living and income off shows and concerts.

Now that we are on lockdown (yet we have poor savings cultures), and remember all people on lockdown at homes are going to be relieved of stress by

consuming our Audios, Films and Videos:

Are we going to earn from the our products, the answer is NO!

We have no clear system to track, monitor, quantify and monetize all that consumption.

Is something been done?!
Yes, the processes have been ongoing, this situation has just provided justification for more reason to accelerate the processes.

Way forward
Just imagine Uganda had its own legit Digital Streamlining Platform giving an opportuniy to practioneers to channel their products, content and services to consumers, fans at a friendly fee.

That in this situation had it been in place earlier would be the alternative source of revenue.

The writer is the Chairman, Uganda Talent Managers Association – UTAMA.


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