They say that every successful husband, there’s an amazing woman.

In music, fir a musician to stand any chance of success, there must be a management team behind him or her.

And it even gets better when there’s a record label to handle the budding artist.
For the past few months, Sweden based Ugandan musician, Jay Silver has been dominating airplay and the news, and this is majorly thanks to his record label.

“Platinum Music” is a music label/music crew found by the artist, Jay Silver whose songs are trending worldwide.
He is really doing good musically and in the fashion industry having won major awards in the recent past.

The label has been responsible for pushing

brand Jay Silver to the world and so far it has been hugely successful.

When asked why he named his music label “Platinum Music” founded in 2017, he said:
“My music is expensive just like a platinum. So that’s why I named my label, Platinum Music.”

Born Joel Muhindo, star Jay Silver is a man to look at now because he has good things from him both musically and in the fashion world. He is looking forward to signing some artists in the near future.

More about Platinum Music coming soon.

Watch this space!


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