Police in Kajjansi have arrested a Pastor and 30 of his followers for defying the Presidential directives.

Pastor Rashid Mutebi of Blessed Feelings Church International located in Gobe, Kajjansi and his followers were picked today morning after Police received information about their illegal activities at the Church.

On interrogation, the Pastor alleges that the Christians came from far and he was still looking for money to transport them to their homes.
The followers were cautioned and released.
The Pastor is currently detained at Kajjansi Police station.

This rather unfortunate and reckless development

comes when president Yoweri Museveni is strongly considering tightening the rules on self isolation as reports show that many reckless Ugandans continue to defy government set safety guidelines.

It’s understood that the president and health ministery officials are considering how much the public’s behaviour has changed in response to restrictions brought in over recent days.

While there’s unanimous agreement that a section of Ugandans are observing the regulations, a few others continue to live as normal.

This has infuriated the president.

So far Uganda has registered 14 cases of the Coronavirus pandemic.


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