Music experts are convinced Sweden based musician, Jay Silver, is the next big superstar in the Uganda music industry.

The budding singer specialises in R&B and Afrobeat genres and music critics who have listened to his works believe he has the potential to rock the Uganda music industry.

“His vocal ability is up there. He is really good, he will definitely make it. No question,” one expert said
And another agreed: “Yes, Jay Silver easily stands out because of his unique vocal ability. He needs to stay grounded and do the right things. The sky is the limit for the lad.”
And since he hit the music scene, the singer has been a major hit with female fans who fall for his good looks and his sense of fashion and style.

And his classy fashion sense has not only pleased the ladies.
Recently he participated in various Music and Fashion events around the world, winning the lucrative

People’s Choice African Crown International award in Sweden.

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 1996, Joel Muhindo alias Jay Silver is a singer specializing in the R&B and Afro-beat music genres.

Raised in Uganda, Silver’s love for music started at a young age as he loved singing and playing musical instruments in church.

As a young boy, Jay Silver loved playing the drums and the guitar. He notes that it helped shape up his music career.

The father of one picks his inspiration from Fally Ipupa, and has his focus on becoming one of the best artistes in the next few years.

He left Uganda in 2014 and moved to Sweden where he currently resides working and pursuing his first passion; music. Having strategically positioned himself in the music industry, he decided to expand his fan base in Uganda with the release of his first Luganda song, titled Ntwaala, last year.

In school, Jay Silver studied Construction Building from Sweden. He has released a couple of albums including promising songs like Cheri, Ntwaala, Shake Body, Whine 4 Me among others.


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