Ugandan model Judith Heard has carried out a test for Coronavirus after she can in touch with a Tanzanian musician who tested positive.

Judith Heard and the Tanzanian rapper

Ms Heard met, hugged and dined with Tanzanian rapper Mwana Fa, a few days before he tested positive for coronavirus. And as precaution, the model after advice from singer Bebe Cool phoned the Ministry of Health and has been tested for the pandemic.

Results are yet to be released.

The Ministry of Health last night confirmed the first case of the pandemic Coronavirus disease in Uganda.

The confirmed case is a 36-year-old Ugandan male who arrived from Dubai on Saturday 21st March 2020 aboard Ethiopian Airlines at 2:00 am.

During the screening process at the airport, his temperature was 38.7. This prompted the health teams to isolate

him at the airport for further follow-up.
Subsequent temperatures taken at intervals of 30 minutes and one hour remained the same. He was evacuated to Entebbe Grade B Hospital for further follow up where a nasal swab was taken for analysis.

The confirmed case presented with high fever and poor appetite. He was not coughing neither did he have flu. However, the persistent fever prompted the health workers to isolate him.

His nasal swab samples was sent to Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) for analysis. Results from UVRI showed the sample is positive for COVID-19.

The confirmed case had travelled to Dubai on the 17th of March, 2020 (four days ago) for business purposes. At the time of his travel, he was in good health. He is a resident of Kibuli, Kagungulu zone, Kampala.

However, to date a total of 1,827 travelers including Ugandans and others travelling back home have been identified as coming from high-risk countries for purposes of follow up. About 827 are completing self-quarantine while about 1,000 are under quarantine.


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