Faith Ntaborwa, the glamour queen who leaked a video after having sex with Mc Kats insists she must not be judged since she has only been with the telly star on only three occasions.

Appearing on TV, Faith issued an apology to her dad but insisted that she nothing to apologise to Ugandans.
She also dismissed reports that she’s related to singer Fille Mutoni.
“Fille is just a friend, nothing more,” she said.

“I have known Katamba (Mc Kats) since 2017. I have actually been with him on three occasions. This is not new,” she unapologetically said.

Meanwhile, Faith is described as ‘a tigress and magnet in bed with the best boobs in town’ by a former lover.

Gorgeous Faith shocked the nation when she leaked a video after supposedly having sex with Mc Kats.
In the video, shameless Faith can be seen holding used condoms after what is thought to have been an intense sex marathon with Mc Kats.

Faith, Xclusive UG understands, is a sexpest who has bedded countless men in Kampala.
“Yes, Faith is a legend

in bed. She’s bedded all types of men. Musicians, music producers, deejays, CEOs, businessmen, bankers and all types of corporates,” a source told us.

A regular bar hopper, Faith is said to have hit the social scene around eight years ago.

Then, she was a regular at now defunct Club Amnesia in the city centre. She dated countless men before she got pregnant.
Naturally, she briefly disappeared off the social scene after giving birth, and later returned with a bang.

A former lover has described her sex as the best ever.

“Oh. Wow. She’s got it all. And gives it to her man. She’s a goddess. A tigress in bed. Extremely sweet,” the ex squeeze said.

She is said to have a home in Nansana, but she hasn’t been there since mid last year.
“Everyday, she hooks a different man and sleeps at the man’s,” a former lover told us.

Faith, a source adds, hails from Kisoro and is said to be musician Fille Mutoni’s cousin.

Fille is Mc Kats’ former lover and the two have a child together.

She might be described as amazing but last evening’s video with Mc Kats will have turned off very many men.


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