Bed hopper Zari Hassan is dating teen musician Grenade, real name Deus Ndugwa.

First things first. Zari is 40 years and Grenade is 22 years her junior at 18.
The loved up couple spent quality time at Kaazi Beach Resort in Busabala a few days ago.

Kaazi Beach Resort, famed for the best lake view in Kampala, is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, 30 minutes from Entebbe.

The couple admitted that they had the most memorable and epic nights of their entire lives.

Zari whose Instagram posts show she is in Kampala, at the start of the week, spent a cool afternoon with actress Faridah Ndausi.

According to sources, they were later joined by Grenade for dinner.

After dinner, Ndausi left

Zari and Grenade alone.

From his Instagram post, Grenade is seen singing for Zari as she cheers and urges him on.
He later gives her one fat peck on the right cheek.

“Tuli Bito [we are like that],” Grenade posted a video of himself and Zari on Instagram Wednesday morning.

“Come closer and I hold you. My love is too much, I don’t want anyone to talk about you,” Grenade sings.

Zari urges him on with laughter: “Yees, I can’t hear you!”

“U crazy. The night was epic tho. Mad love for you,” Zari said on Instagram Tuesday.

Zari famously dated Tanzanian star Diamond Platinumz.

Their relationship started as a joke. And before we knew, she was pregnant. And then pregnant again.


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