When she added the moniker The King Herself, many fans wondered what she meant.

But trust female music star Cindy Sanyu. She always trusted her craft and knew she was as good as the boys in the industry.

Without doubt now, Clthe former Blu 3 star has proven she is Uganda’s top female performer.
A couple of months ago when she announced sue would hold her maiden concert at Cricket Oval, many feared for her.

There were doubts about whether the concert would attract huge crowds with criticism being pointed at how the songstress and her team had poorly marketed the show, with very few ADs showing on TV, in the newspapers, and radio.

The only visible hype about Cindy’s concert was majorly on social media with her fans known as the Cindycates doing the most to support their music icon.

How was she going to fill up

that venue without enough ADs? No woman had ever dared to hold a concert at a venue where just a few legendary Ugandan male artistes have succeeded. Everything pointed at a possible flop.

With all that pressure, Cindy remained cool-headed and never panicked at any one point.

To many people’s surprise, by 4pm on Saturday, the lines on the various gates at the venue had started growing as people paid Shs20k and Shs50k to access the Ordinary and VIP sections respectively.

By the time performances started at around 6pm, the place was already packed with revelers ready to watch the self-proclaimed King Herself perform.

One of the aspects about her music career that have remained undoubted and only developed with experience is her stage performance. She continued to prove that she is the King of the stage with a wonderful performance.

She also received massive support from fellow artistes who performed before she hit the stage. The only low moment came when Bebe Cool was pelted with bottles upon stepping on stage.

Cindy is now safely in Uganda music’s history books.


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