By Joel Isabirye

For me who always finds it difficult to get past the jam caused whenever musician Cindy would perform with a band at Nexus bar in Najjeera, I am not surprised by the turn out at her concert.

But some other things made it work for her:

1. Cindy is the pioneer break through female dancehall artiste. She has a legacy. ‘Ayokya yokya’, ‘Amateeka’, ‘Total Satisfaction’ ‘Selekta’ ‘One and Only’ ‘Dilemma’ (with Mr.G-goofy & Bobi Wine), ‘Copycat’ ‘Ndi Mukodo’ ‘Boom Party’ and so many others are Ugandan dancehall classics.
In fact her pursuit and mastery of the dancehall line made her the most successful of the Blu3 folks after they all went solo.

2. The

Clever J saga gave her some much needed social capital to tie an emotional aspect to the show.

3. Cindy understood that shows like Uncut, Live Wire and Talk and Talk on television and radio are bigger than any number of adverts you can ever run. Just keep the conversation on there in serial format.

4. Boom Party is one of the biggest songs of the last few months.

5. Her recent spat with Sheebah Karungi although it died down, fired up her core base. They turned up as if they were turning up for the battle that never was. They came to prove a point.

6. She had a lot of online video interviews and features going on. Those things get shared and build a lot of interest in an event or saga.

Well done Cindy!


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