Star Eddy Kenzo has lately been in the news for the wrong reasons.

The BET award winner has been touted as arrogant and forgetful.

His friends or rather former friends are not happy with him, as many accuse him of having forgotten them following his musical success.

Aziz Azio claims he nurtured Kenzo but has since been forgotten.
Other musicians such as Gift of Kaddo, Barbie J have all played a part in his music career but are unhappy. He’s forgotten them, so they claim.

And now another musician, formerly with Kenzo’s Big Talent, Tip Swizzy has also come out to sting Kenzo.

Tip claims Kenzo is literally a bad man.

“Eddy Kenzo refused to accord me the respect that I felt I deserved. He always wanted to look at me as a young

boy. When he got the BET award, we were still close friends but there was a certain time when we were at his home in Seguku, he accused me of how I didn’t vote for him.

He had all the authority over me because I couldn’t perform anywhere without his permission and whenever I asked for some money from him, he usually told me how he was also broke.

The most painful thing that I encountered in our friendship was the day he called a meeting and fired me yet we had no written agreement anywhere. We were working on a ‘one love’ basis.

I even bought him those tight pants he wore in his ‘Zigido’ song. I’m the one who even changed his dressing style,” Tip Swizzy said in a recent interview.


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