The daughter to Gen. Caleb Akandwanaho aka Salim Saleh, Esteri Mugurwa Akandwanaho has taken the battle for child custody with her divorced husband to another level and wants him declared insane.

Esteri filed an application in which she wants court to issue an order directing her former husband Eng. Ronald Ndizeye Sekaziga to be subjected to psychiatric examination.

“In the circumstances, we humbly seek that the matter be fixed and Your Worship proceeds to have the Respondent (Ndizeye) undergo a mental psychological evaluation by a professional,” reads in part the letter Esteri wrote yesterday (February 11, 2020) pestering the Magistrate to quickly fix her application for hearing.

The letter was written through her lawyers of Kashillingi Rugaba & Associates Advocates and tax consultants.

Her main accusation against the ex husband is his decision to visit their three daughters at school.

Court records show that Esteri filed for Divorce in 2017 at the High Court Family Division seeking an order for maintenance and custody of the three children.

Lady Justice Alexandra Nkonge Rugadya granted the Divorce petition and ordered for joint custody of the children.

Dissatisfied with the order for joint custody, Esteri filed another application asking court to cancel the joint custody order and grant her sole custody of the children.

This application was still pending when she filed another application seeking court to direct a medical examination of her husband.

Since this development hit the headlines, Ugandans have been wondering who Sekaziga is.

Roland Ndizeye Sekaziga wedded Esteri in 2009.

When word about the wedding of Esteri started making rounds in town, people held their breath.
Who would be the lucky guy?
And then Esteri, 24, Salim Saleh’s precious daughter who is named after her grandmother, walked down the aisle with Roland Ndizeye Sekaziga.

According to a story by Observer, Roland is son to then renowned architect John Wilson Sekaziga of Arc Designs. The man is remembered for offering to work in Rwanda after the 1994 Rwanda Genocide when few people dared step in the traumatised country at the time.

Sekaziga Snr., who hails from Kisoro, was said to be an influential member of the ruling NRM. He is said to have worked on several architectural projects for the first family, including their Rwakitura country home.

He also had a stint in active politics when he stood for parliament on the UPM ticket in 1980, in the contest for the Kabale South seat. His opponents were Justice Joseph Mulenga (DP) and eventual winner Dr. Philemon Mateke (UPC).

There are not many people that can remember Roland Sekaziga like the young men who went to Busoga

College Mwiri with him. Many may have been a class or two ahead of him but he made quite an impression. Many refer to Roland as the class of ’92 boy. Others refer to him as a ‘Bugos (Bugolobi) boy’.

“I think he was in Nadiope House, he was friends with Ivan Kanyali and two other boys whose names I cannot remember. That Roland was naughty. The time they were in Senior Two, they used to give boys in Senior Four grief,” recalls a lawyer working in Kampala, an old boy of Mwiri.

While boys of Mwiri are known for their cricket skills, Roland chose to play basketball, according to this old boy. And by the way, Roland, a devout Christian who worked with Uganda Telecom as an Accounts Relationship Manager, does keep his good friends close.

While he may have made his mark in Busoga College Mwiri, Roland did not spend all his secondary school days there. He is said to have studied at Namilyango College and Makerere College School as well.

That was before he left the country to join Leeds Metropolitan University where he studied from 1998 to 2002. Socially, Roland is said to enjoy his Tusker Malt Lager.

“Back in the he used to go to Gabiro (Bugolobi Flats’ popular pub) regularly to have his Tusker and hang out with friends. After news got out that he was engaged to Esteri, he became scarce,” said a patron at Gabiro. “Yes, he would still come to Gabiro, sit by himself and work on his laptop, but he was no longer regular.”
Roland is also known to socialise with the likes of Gaetano Kaggwa, Danny Kaggwa and Tendo Kaggwa.

It is at then popular Kisementi bar Alzawadi that Esteri first ran into Roland who used to frequent the joint with friends from her family. The two were later to meet again at a friend’s wedding in September 2008.

Roland then proposed in January 2009, and before a year clocked, the two were declared husband and wife on August 8. They later hosted their guests to a colourful reception at Kampala Serena Hotel.

For her Kuhingira, Esteri flew to India to shop for the do, and then to the United Kingdom to shop for her wedding, which was attended by who is who in Africa.

Among the guests at the Kuhingira was then Zambian President, Rupiah Banda, who offered a state-funded honeymoon to the two in Zambia. They were also offered a fully funded honeymoon to Malaysia, 50 heads of cattle by President Yoweri Museveni, on top of hundreds of others from several relatives and friends.


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