Sheema Municipality MP aspirant Counsel David Kamukama has been hailed and described as a pro people person by constituents ahead of 2021 elections.

Counsel Kamukama is set to contest for the legislative seat on the National Resistance Movement (NRM).
And for years, Kamukama has been working for his constituents having started a charity organization.

And his people have been appreciative of the good work.
“What our society is lacking today is a pro-people minded kind of leadership that treats the needs of everyone in the society irrespective of their social, political economical nor religious affiliations at the disposal of all.

But as one of the great celebrated scholars since immemorial *Karl Marx* in his voice stated that after a period of time, when the ruled gain their consciousness, they will take over power and deal away with such kind of divisions, favouritism and one sided leadership and rather introduce a one that is based on total involvement by everyone.

We cannot wait to introduce such kind of a leader who believes in the people involvement leadership, one who cares about their needs and who values every life as important as any other irrespective of what they own.
Such a chance normally comes once in life and during the times when everyone is tired with self-centred leaders and decide to make a change and enjoy on the fruits of what they really worked for.

The choice we the people of Sheema Municipality are about to make in a few months from now will determine what we shall gain in terms of services for the next five years.
Counsel Kamukama David is the answer.

Like what the

undisputable Roman philosopher Seneca asserts, remember that “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation”. Let this opportunity meet our prepared minds to leave us with no regrets in the next other five years!” a constituent described Kamukama.

The visionary counsel Kamukama, having the love and spirit to see the people of Sheema prosper, most especially youth and women launched his foundation last year.

Bikwase Kamukama Foundation was launched at Kyabandara Church Of Uganda, Sheema Municipality.

In his vision, this will create an everlasting solution to the problem of unemployment and lack of hands on training, practical skills, income generating activities, inventive and innovative skills required in this social transition(21st century) to improve the livelihood of the less privileged families.

The foundation has a variety of hands on skills ranging from tailoring, wielding, catering knitting, shoe making, saloon among others.

Imperative to note also is that the foundation/institution already has an enrollment of over 600 young girls, boys and women from the less privileged and vulnerable families in Sheema Municipality, though worthy noting is that more than 2500 people from different parts of Sheema district have registered for the forthcoming intake.

During the launch, Kamukama said trainings and skills imparted to these people will help them to earn a good living as well as create a sustainable development to the society.

The great work done by the foundation will also help the populace involved to avoid dependency, promote their livelihood and help develop the community.

More still it will create and inspire a new radical social order/change, bring unstoppable breakthroughs, enormous opportunities, possibilities, decent rewarding jobs as well as putting unprecedented power in the hands of young people.

“The more we give importance to skill development, the more competent will be our youth,” Kamukama said.


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