Furious People Power supporters have taken to Social media to vent their anger after photos of their leader Bobi Wine and his wife ‘eating’ life reportedly in Jamaica appeared online.

Various people who claim to be People Power soldiers wonder how Bobi still claims to fight for the oppressed, when he actually lives like the oppressors.

People Power had always accused government of oppression and sharing the national cake alone.

But now, they feel Bobi has actually been a beneficiary of the regime considering he’s achieved practically everything he desired in life.

And many have taken to Social media to vent their anger at the celebrated politician boldly telling him to change his ways.

Interestingly though, the photos were never posted on Bobi Wine’s official pages. Instead it was his wife Barbie who shared only her photos, leaving out Bobi Wine.

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However somehow, even Bobi’s pics have leaked, and his followers are bitter.

Some supporters though are happy he can get time off to enjoy his life.

One wrote: “Bobi Wine’s photo has been trending for all the wrong reasons, so let me say this.

Bobi Wine is a rich young man.
That is not a secret! We (the old ones) have seen him put in a serious shift to be where he is, so there’s nothing wrong with that!

There’s also nothing wrong with the fact that a man as successful as himself can come out and fight for the poor. That too is perfectly normal!

However, to those who are perceptive, he is a clear testimony that you don’t have to wait for regime change in order to work hard and succeed. He is a clear testimony that even under this regime, you can put in a shift and achieve your goals!

Whether you like or hate this man, that, there, is a lesson you can learn from him.”


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