Love that is beyond the physical looks is beautiful

I used to think getting people to want to spend time with me would take work. Effort. A strategy. Secrets someone needed to reveal to me.

Just letting them tell me something nice but i was wrong.

As it turns out, if any effort is required for you to keep someone in a relationship then you are doing something wrong.

This is because friendship and love take place without anyone having to do anything.

You need to do nothing to be loved.

Love happens because of who someone is and not because of what they do.

One dosen’t have to convince, persuade,

cajole or chase anyone or win anyone over to get someone to want to spend time with them.

Love – in any iteration – is like gravity. You don’t do anything to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.

These things are so true that if one instead decides to act – to plot, to aggressively pursue, to orchestrate – otherwise they waste all their energy to attract unhealthy relationships and wonder why they keep ending up with the wrong person, working so hard to get so very little.

Walk away from any dynamic that requires one to compromise their peace of mind.

Do less. So much less. Do nothing and witness a mess of a life begin to fall into place.


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