Mayinja and the president after he performed his Bizemu song

OPPOSITION musician Ronald Mayinja has joined ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM), this is according to Full Figure, the party’s Kampala mobiliser.

This comes days after Mayinja launched a pressure group, Peace For All, All For Peace.
Taking to Facebook, Full Figure welcomed Mayinja to the ‘winning team’ which she also called home.Ever since the launch of his group, Mayinja sent tongues wagging with many widely interpreting it as a competitor group to Bobi’s People Power.

At the launch, Mayinja said his objective was to unite all Ugandans regardless of political affiliation.

This included ruling NRM. To many in Bobi’s camp, this was viewed as betrayal of

the highest order, and since then Mayinja has endured a tirade of abuses from People Power on social media.

The musician finally addressed his issue with Bobi insisting all is good. 

He wrote on Facebook: “Hello my fellow Ugandans, I want to make this clear to the public about peace for all, All for peace. 

I’m not here to fight anyones political belief, cultural, social, religious, environmental beliefs or any other aspect but I want everyone’s idea to be tolerated in this country as long as it brings peace, for example, if you allow Catherine Kusasira to make a launch, let Mayinja also  be allowed too.

But I can’t reach my voice alone, that’s why I have come up with this initiative “Peace for All, All for Peace.”


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