Singer John Kasadha popularly known as John Blaq will not have a chance to step foot on America’s soil in the next ten years.

According to a Ugandan USA-based promoter Baker, he contacted John Blaq inviting him for three gigs in Chicago. Baker narrated that John Blaq agreed the tabled offer of performing for $1500 (about Shs5.5m) for each gig.

“I had arranged three shows for him and he agreed to take $1500 for each show. Air ticket and accommodation were all on me,” said Baker.
Baker continued to reveal that going by the agreement, using his documents since he is a US citizen, he used his papers to help John Blaq secure a 2-year Visitor’s Visa.

“I (Baker) lied to the embassy that John Blaq was coming for a visit,” he said.
However, to his dismay Baker said after

the singer got the visa he turned his back on him as he informed him how he had got a better performance deal in the U.S.

“I first thought John Blaq was joking about how he had got a better offer until I came across people advertising a different show of him in the U.S.,” Baker said before revealing that on confirming that John Blaq had boldly turned his back against him, he had no choice but act a whistleblower to ruin his other performances too.

“I called at the embassy and informed them how John Blaq was not coming for a visit but rather a show,” Baker disclosed.

On such grounds, the embassy cancelled his visa and issued a ten-year travel ban on John Blaq.

Our efforts to reach out to John Blaq were fruitless as he did not reply to our calls.


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