Dancehall singer King Michael is set to shoot the video for his new song in South Sudan.

The talented musician- earlier this week- released the audio for his single, Nabegobako. The audio was produced by Eno Beats, one of the most sought out after music producers in Kampala.
The single was written by Black Skin, another talented artiste.
Now the dancehall king is set to travel to South Sudan from where he will shoot the big budget video.

Its no secret that musician Michael Mugwanya alias King Michael is a darling of many in South

Sudan and northern Uganda.
Over the years, the musician has ripped big in those areas, thanks to his huge fan base. And the dancehall singer is set to harvest big time with his Christmas coming a bit early.

Our sources tell us the music star has landed lucrative deals to perform in South Sudan.

The Muko Muko star will hold a gig at New Longnot in Gumbo Market on 6th December, and then perform at Celebrity Club in Munuki, the next day.

Entrance fees to the events will be 2500 South Sudanese pounds each.

We hear Michael was paid top dollar by one of the prominent promoters in the land for the performances.


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