We are hearing that private security expert Dixon Bond Okello has got married in Brazil, South America and could be set to relocate to The United States of America (USA) for good.


Here’s the story…

Okello has been ‘disturbing’ Brazil for the last month. And while there- our sources say- Okello officially legalized his relationship with his longtime secret US girlfriend, and the two are planning on settling at her home

in Boston in the States.


We are further told that ever since the two met around two years ago, she has been funding his improving lifestyle. And this indeed holds water because for some time, he has been a don of sorts among his friends, often buying them beer, a rarity two years ago.

Therefore, relocating to Boston makes real sense. After all he has often complained about Uganda’s messed up economy.

When contacted through phone, Okello declined to delve into the detail only saying that time will tell.


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