Here’s businessman Mutaasa Kafeero’s daughter Mastula Mutaasa like never seen before.

The loaded gal- who has dated a series of city fellas including Don Nasser- has undergone surgery to enhance her hips and bum.

And she now looks the part with a killer booty.


Currently, Mastulah, who is based in the United States of America, is a ‘certified’ slay queen, who pumped over Shs300m into surgery that saw her acquire the much coveted Figure 8, which comes complete with a juicy bum and

seductive curves.


After the successful surgery which was conducted in Atlanta, USA, by popular American Booty Surgery expert Dr Curves, Mastulah is these days taking off time to flaunt her Nicki Minaj-like booty by posing for tantalizing photo shoots, after which she shares the snazzy slaps on social media for her admirers to drool on.


Actually, some of her followers on Instagram often liken her to the celebrated American musician, while others argue that Mastulah is more nowadays more bootylicious than Nicki Minaj aka Booty Anaconda!


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