Cindy speaks out on Sheila's broken heart

Cindy speaks out on Sheila’s broken heart

Ugandan ‘King’ of the dancehall music genre Cinderella Sanyu has come out to warn her young sister, media personality and fashionista Sheila Carol Gashumba to go slow and not be disappointed by boyfriend God’s plan after all he is not only a gangster but a serial thief.

There’s been a nasty war between Sheila Gashumba and her best friend Amanda whom she emotionally accused of chewing her lover real names Ali Marcus Lwanga alias God’s Plan.

In an exclusive video José da blogga received, Sheila is heard crying out like

a breast feeding baby during a phone call to Amanda where she seriously blames her bestie of being too hypocritical to the extent of chewing her future husband without her know how.

Tired of seeing young girls being broken down in confusing relationships by ‘Love Niggas’ like God’s plan who hoodwink them with lots of money without even establishing the exact sources and spoil their entire future, the ‘Boom party’ singer has come out to caution girls not to fall in the trap of these opportunists after all they are day light thieves and robbers.

“Don’t be fooled young people.
Anyone with lots of money but no job is a thief
See you tonight at Comedy Store Uganda,” lamented Cindy Sanyu through her social media.


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