A war has erupted between Sheila Gashumba and her supposed best pal, a one Amanda after she reportedly slept with God’s Plan.

God's Plan and Sheila Gashumba

God’s Plan and Sheila Gashumba

God’s Pal- real name Ali Marcus Lwanga- has been Sheila’s boyfriend for months, but their relationship is said to have hit a sloppy time in the recent past.

While the two (God’s Plan and Sheila) had taken a break from social media and the public to work on their patchy romance, last night a mother of all dramas emerged with a phone call between Sheila and the pal Amanda, said to be Ebango singer Rickman’s former flame.

Rwandan Amanda is said to have seduced God’s Plan and slept with him. It is also alleged that Amanda told God’s Plan all the dirt that Sheilah has been involved in in recent months including allegedly sleeping with Grenade and having threesomes with other friends.


Several reports claim that Amanda is Rwandan and has only been in Uganda for two months but digging up further led us to proof that she has been in Uganda several times before.


There are hints all-around social media that actually link her to ‘Bango’ music star Rickman. The two are believed to have dated earlier this year before their relationship hit a stop when the ATR singer returned to Sweden.



She is not a stranger to controversy and sources close to her circle reveal she

has been involved in several battles involving her at the center of relationship breakups.




In a phone call, a lady believed to be Sheila Gashumba is heard on the other end pleading to know why Amanda (who’s believed to be recording the video) wants to ruin her life.

“What have I done to you Amanda? Why are you making my life miserable?” Sheila repeatedly asks Amanda.


Sheila is devastated

Sheila is devastated

Amanda is heard asking to know why Sheila thinks she slept with her man. “Why would I Sheila, do I have a problem with you?” she keeps asking as she explains why she met with God’s Plan.


It is not clear if this is the first time Sheila feels betrayed by a friend. A few months back, she posted on Facebook: “We are often let down by the most trusted persons and loved by the most unexpected ones.

Some make us cry for things that we haven`t done, while some other ignore all our faults just to see our smile. Some leave us when we need them the most, and some stick to us even when ask them to leave.

World is a mixture of such people. We just need to know which hand to shake and which hand to hold! After all its life.”



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