Songbird Winnie Nwagi has finally opened up and explained what really happened between her and the maid.



Its almost a month since the Swangz Avenue singer was dragged to police for battering her maid, only identified as Scovia over a water bottle.
For all that time, Nwagi has been silent about it until now.
The singer has finally addressed the issue saying it was taken out of proportion.

Though the bootylicious singer concedes over reacting to beat up her maid over just a simple solvable issue, she is not good at terms with the critics especially the media for being judgemental about her personal

life and wellbeing.

“I am not in that calibre of people who disclose their personal life on air. That’s why I had to keep silent about the whole Scovia controversy.
Yes Iam sorry I over reacted to beat up Scovia but they were just simple slaps. The media was so judgemental about me as Scovia went to mislead them with a forest of lies in regards to my personal life.

I have never refused turning up at the Police station that’s why I have no charges against me. People will still be judgemental about my life but rumours should not take you on.

Just consult my close friends for the final verdict,” said a visibly angry Nwagi while appearing on TV.


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