A CITY lawyer, Peter Kibirango, who was recently attacked by thugs has died.
Kibirango was attacked by idiots a few days ago and has since been in intensive care at Case Clinic. His learned friend Denis Nyombi announced his demise.

“I have learnt with sadness, the demise of my noble and learned brother PETER KIBIRANGO ESQ.
Peter died at case Hospital, in an Intensive Care Unit, struggling for his life, after being attacked by thugs a few days ago,” Nyombi announced.
He described the dead as a humble, studious , hardworking inspirational man.
Nyombi added: “A man, well known amongst us the law class of Jan and Sept. 2006/9 UCU, by the moniker Lord Denning. A name that he acquired due to his in-depth analysis of legal issues, in and outside class.
Speaking with some degree of stuttering, Peter would struggle to make his point able, with articulation and eloquence.
In practise

as an advocate, Peter had picked pace and stride, as a force to reckon with amongst his contemporaries.
His dear wife, is left a widow at such a young age, in a manner of death, so wanting.
His family is left in tears, for the demise of their so young a son.

We his friends are left wondering, what’s going on in our country. With the insecurity eating up people day n night. We call upon the people in charge of this country, to know today its Peter, yesterday was another. But the scarge, however much you pretend to be in charge, is eating us up. You may sinken your efforts in the same rhetoric. But we as a nation, deserve better . We are living in a crazy country. Full and tainted of insecurity, fear and hopelessness. We deserve better.

Rest in Peace Learned Soul.”

His unfortunate death comes days after President Yoweri MUSEVENI tasked police to come up with a comprehensive solution to the increasing insecurities in the country.


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