MUSICIAN IRENE Ntale has threatened to walk if her man doesn’t put a ring on it next year.



This came after singing pal Rema Namakula introduced her fella, Hamza to her people.

Photos and videos of Rema and Dr. Hamza Ssebunya were painted allover our social media feeds on Wednesday as the two were united in a kukyala ceremony.
Since announcing the dates for her introduction ceremony, Rema has become a symbol of empowerment for most ladies because she left Eddie Kenzo for a man whom most believe is willing to do everything to make her happy.
“Rema, thanks for empowering us. If my man also doesn’t marry me by the end of next year, I’m walking,” Ntale posted on social media.
And she has been joined by a string of women to threaten their men to put a ring on it.
Since Ntale’sr post many have been wondering who her fella is.

Xclusive UG provides answers….

Ever since she hit the music industry, Ntale has

been linked to different men.
This happens for almost all female musicians.

She’s been linked to among others; fellow singer’s Tonix and Ray Signature. Others are a one Bicco, Mark Muzungu, a city businessman. She’s also dated a one Allan and most prominently Jonathan Kyeyo, the former proprietor of Laftaz bar franchise in Kampala and Jinja.
For starters her relationship with Tonix ended. Therefore the two wont be getting married soon or forever.
Her relationships with Bicco or Muzungu was majorly slings. Call them business transactions.

The only major romance was with Kyeyo, the former Laftaz fella. However, Kyeyo fled the country after accumulating debts, and is now settled in the United States.

Besides he is married with kids. His relationship with Ntale is said to still be on but the pair only rekindle when Ntale travels to Trump land.
And that’s once in a blue moon.

Back in Kampala, her best friend and also said to be lover is Signature. But their trysts are only alcohol inspired. In other words, they bonk only when drunk.

Irene Ntale won’t be getting married next year.


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