INCREDIBLY shocking nitty gritty details that led to the collapse of musicians Rema Namakula and Eddie Kenzo have emerged.



Info trickling in indicates the couple’s romance collapsed two years ago when Kenzo walked out on Rema, their children, and rented a pad in Buziga.
Insiders tell us Kenzo left their comfortable Seguku home after he discovered that she was building rentals in Namugongo.

“He lost his trust and walked. He was bitter she didn’t tell him about that rentals project before she started construction,” the insider said.
However, he (insider) adds this was just a cover up.
Kenzo had long wanted to dump Rema.
According to the source, Kenzo left Rema when his fame and celebrity status skyrocketed.

This was after his hugely successful hit single, Sitya Loss and the prestigious BET award win.
The insider adds: “After the BET win, Kenzo grew wings. He believed Uganda owed

him. He thought he deserved a statue at the museum. He thought he was Uganda music’s GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) and believed everyone must bow for him. Sadly he took his wings home and started to look at Rema as an object.”
It is said around that time, Kenzo started dating every girl that crossed his paths. And he was never afraid of flaunting it even to Rema.
He no longer had respect for her.

He hooked various ladies including, musicians Lydia Jazmine, Pia Pounds, and a certain girl only identified as Melissa.

It’s claimed he was also dating socialite Martha K at the time.

It’s guether claimed that at one point, Rema caught him red handed in studio banging a certain singer.

All this time, Rema was still determined to make their relationship work.
She asked him to make it official by visiting her family. He refused and claimed he would only visit (kukyala) after constructing a decent house at his ancestral grounds.
Rema’s patience was wearing down.
Then as she still held on, Kenzo moved out and rented a pad in Buziga.

Rema knew this was the end.


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