Park yard area of the market

Park yard area of the market


By Yasir

Owino Market is one hell of a place that best describes the pratical meaning of a hustle.

Being part of Kampala’s down sized buisness hub – Mini prices Downtown, Owino market is just a stone throw away from the heart of the old taxi park in central Kampala.

A ‘dirty mental chaos’ is probably the best words to describe Owino and the taxi park!

It’s the kind of place you would go in to with 5 friends and come out alone and inexplicably missing your left shoe…

But that aside, nevertheless it is definitely an experience worth having just to appreciate the hecticness

of everyday life and get a contrast to Kololo’s manicured lawns.


The market sells nearly anything you can think of, but the best buys are items that range from about anything sold here by length, and the wide range of second-hand clothes and shoes, including many designer labels – I’ve got a great Ralph Lauren jumper from there…! There is also quite an interesting Voodoo market, selling all sorts of wierd and wonderful things if you can manage to negotiate the maze and find it!

Its one hell of a place to be but as always make sure to haggle and keep your personal belongings close and don’t wear any obvious jewelry or big handbags.

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