AN ANGRY music fan has written to Rema Namakula accusing her of double standards, betrayal and cheating.




This stunning letter comes as many supporters of musician Eddie Kenzo come to terms with the fact that Rema has indeed left her for another man.

Since it was announced that Rema was set to marry one Dr. Hamza Sebunya, many Kenzo fans had hoped this was just another stunt, with some even hoping it was a music video shoot.
But today, it dawned on them after Hamza visited Rema’s guardians’ home in Naguru.

And a furious fan, identified as Eugene Kiberu, is extremely bitter, and accuses Rema of eloping with Hamza in Kenzo’s,s Seguku home.

Bitter Kiberu wrote: “Dear Rema, I don’t know if this is being fair or something, but a man put you in

his house for how long?

If you never loved Kenzo, you should have left his house and not brought another man in his house.
For God’s sake you had a kid together. He has never introduced another woman or kid for all the years.

The reason I am not going to be on your side today is because you got another man in his house. You used him.

If you really were not interested in him, you would have moved out of his house. But even to the last point of leaving him, you were still living in his house. You introduced in his house.

Was it the marriage ceremony you were all interested in? The flowers, makeup and red lipstick?

You think there won’t be fights in your marriage with Hamza? There will be no fights? Or disagreements? Because if you still want that marriage to last, you gotta learn to deal with all that.

Just like Barbie, Zuena, Daniela. We wanted you to act like one.”

Rema is yet to react…


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