KWAGALANA GROUP, the envied social club of Kampala’s rich and famous is collapsing following the bitter fall out between it’s key members, Sudhir Ruparelia and Godfrey Kirumira.
Best mates for a long time, Sudhir and Chairman Kirumira- as he’s popularly known- have not been on talking terms since 2017.
And their strained relationship has crushed The Kwagalana Group.

But who exactly is part of this famous money team?

Folks, if you are not a multi-millionaire or were not born in a family of millions (and it’s not just millions) then don’t even waste your time trying to become a member of this multi millionaires’ club, set up in 2006.

Initially called the Kikubo Kwagalana group and usually- until recently- always held meetings at Hotel International in Muyenga on Monday evenings.
At these meetings they would not only discuss formal issues but later go to the sauna, drink till some drop.

Gossip was on the menu as well. These millionaires own arcades, huge plots of land and big businesses in Uganda. They always encourage their children to inter marry to keep riches within.

It is practically impossible for a child of a Kwagalana member to marry outside the Kwagalana family.

Members of the Kwagalana Group, Kampala’s exclusive club of billionaires, are worth over sh5, trillion.

Twenty-four of the 40 members had their worth estimated at shs3 trillion. Kwagalana is a luganda word meaning love for one another.
But there’s no longer love.
Here we profile the members…
Sudhir Ruparelia

Sudhir Ruparelia

Sudhir Ruparelia

He needs no mention about his wealth. He is money itself. Sudhir owns literally everything from schools, banks and hotels and is the richest member by some distance.
According to Forbes Africa, he was worth over $1.1 billion before losing Crane Bank.


Godfrey Kirumira

Tycoons Godfrey Kirumira and Ephraim Ntaganda enjoy the night

They say that when Kirumira smiles money drops from his mouth. This fellow is also filthy rich. He is some sort of dealer of all trades from fuel stations to general merchandise. He owns several buildings, schools and arcades. He also owns two hotels and is estimated to be worth a cool shs500 billion.


Eria Sebunya aka Kasiwukira (RIP)


Eria Sebunya better known as Kasiwukira was murdered in cold blood some years ago but even in death his family remains part of Kwagalana.
Before his death, he was a silent billionaire who preferred to keep in the shadows. He amassed most of his wealth originally from his Kasiwukira Studios which dealt in not only music production but distribution and promotion.

He then invested in real estate and owned Temuseo Mpoza and Nalubwama arcades. His networth is estimated at Shs70 billion.




Tom Mugenga


Just like Kasiwukira, he is not known by many. Apart from Mugenga driving cars with personalized plates he could pass for just another successful man like others if you bumped into him at a hotel. This laid back fellow is the owner of Speedy Flight and was said to own shares in then Crane Bank. He is worth around Shs50 billion.



Gaster Lule aka Ntake


He owns Ntake bakery, and also a string of properties like the Nalule arcade in Nakasero. He also owns huge chunks of land in different affluent areas of this country but most especially in the Buganda region. He is one of the guys who funded the rehabilitation of Katwe martyrs church. He is worth over Shs50 billion.
Joseph Bbosa

You have definitely tasted the product that has given him the dime and it is the orbit chewing gum. He also owns a hostel in Nkozi and also owns three commercial buildings in Kikubo.

Bbosa is worth almost Shs60 billion.



Haji Yusuf Matovu

He owns several exclusive houses in Muyenga. He is also the owner of the Youma building on Kampala Road. He also deals in sanitary merchandise and tiles. His bank balance is worth about shs100 billion.

Joseph Yiga

Yiga is the owner of Hardware Do and is a real estate dealer. He also owns several other properties in and around Kampala. Yiga is said to be worth shs45 billion.



Epimac Kagoro

He is into the transport sector and is said to own over 70 trailers. He runs his businesses all over East Africa and in South Sudan. He is also into real estate. He is worth about shs120 billion.
Godfrey Kyesuwa

You might have passed by his Gazaland shopping arcade on William street. This fellow also owns other buildings in town and deals in general merchandise. Kyesuwa is worth over shs52 billion.

Francis Kakumba

This fellow is the proud owner of Embassy hotel in Kabalagala. He also owns HAKS car bond. The soft spoken Kakumba is worth about shs47 billion.
James Bwogi

Bwogi owns houses in the rich man’s village of Kololo and also deals in different types of merchandise in Uganda. He also has interests in the fuel sector. He is worth shs70 billion.
Dick Kizito

He owns the famous Kizito Towers one of the first buildings that changed the skyline of down town Kampala. He also owns several houses across all the suburbs of Kampala. Dick is worth shs60 billion.

Viva Bukenya

He deals in cement and also owns several buildings and huge chunks of land. Viva has a multibillion building in Ndeeba. He is worth shs28 billion.

Meddie Ssebagala

Meddie Ssebagala is the man behind Ssebagala and Sons Electronics. He also owns houses in Kololo, Kawempe and Kisasi. He also owns World of Light in Kamwokya. However lately he is said to be in financial trouble. However, he is still worth about shs25 billion.

Charles Kakumba

He is a spare parts dealer both in Ndeeba and Katwe. He also owns several buildings. He is said to be worth about shs20 billion.

Hajji Bulaimu Kibirige aka BMK


He is obscenely rich. He is into almost every business ranging from hotels to importing spare parts, cars and motor cycles. He is the owner of Hotel Africana. He is said to be worth a cool shs900 billion.
Robert Mulinde

He owns Kings View hotel and deals in motor cycles in Ndeeba. He is also a force in the farming industry and has vast chunks of land in Mpigi. He is worth shs34 billion.



James Bakaluba

He has several houses in old Kampala. He is into real estate and owns huge chunks of land in Kisozi. He is about shs30 billion.
Jolly Lutaaya

He owns Marvel Road Contractors. He also has several plots of land and houses in Kampala. Jolly is a good friend of Mengo. He has huge chunks of land in Butambala.
Tom Kitandwe

He owns Giant Shopping arcade in Kikubo, Mid City arcade in Nakivubo. He is also a wheat dealer and has other properties in Kampala. He is worth shs60 billion.



Deo Kiwewa aka Kirowoza

He owns an arcade in Nakasero and mainly deals in gomesis. He is worth a cool shs17 billion.

Kizito Kabonge

This guy deals in to sanitary stuff in Nakasero. This laid back Kwagalana group fellow owns several houses across the country plus huge chunks of land. He is said to be worth shs26 billion.

Babirye Mugerwa

Babirye is into the cosmetics business and owns several properties in Kampala that include Park View, H and B plaza and Yamaha center. Babirye also owns properties in Makerere Kikoni and is worth shs170 billion.

Mansur Matovu

Matovu owns Zayi Plaza, Ivory Tower and Sunset arcade. He is also into the importation of motor cycles and spare parts. He is worth shs272 billion.
George Batte

He deals in car spare parts and also owns buildings in Ndeeba. He is said to be worth about shs64 billion.

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