NTV UGANDA news anchor- also head of news- Josephine Karungi has gained some incredible weight, and viewers are completely loving her.

For the most part, people on social media are praising the new “thick” Karungi.

When she first hit the screens some years ago, Karungi was a young and thin takented girl.
Her beauty was evident for all to see. Viewers loved her.
But now the love for her has gone

to a whole new level with her new weight.

She carries the extra weight well and the TV bombshell finally has the curves that many of her fans or rather viewers were longing for.
And many have taken to WhatsApp groups to share her amazing onscreen pictures and wax lyrical about her.

Even Social media has been talking about her curvier figure, and everyone has been praising her for “getting thick.”

We love her more too…


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