SHE HAS made her way into viewers’ hearts with her bold presentation on television.

But it looks like it’s not just about her hosting skills that wow all her viewers.

Her looks. It seems.

NBS Television gossip host and events MC, Zahara Totto is in love again.

The gossip monger after trying failing several relationships has finally found her match.
An old looking fat man.

And for the last few days, Zahara has been flaunting the chubby man to whoever cares to see, even posting him on her Snapchat.
And pals have described him as the man of her dreams.

“She can’t stop talking about him. She is totally smitten,”

one pal told us.

Even though Zahara seems to be madly in love with her man, social media is washed with a flood of disappointments as people have failed to appreciate Zahara’s new man.

Zahara posted a video showing her busy in bed with her man and also when the man had left the bed and was facing the other side, hence covering his face from the camera.
But social media users or in-laws as they are called these days are not happy castigating Zahara for choosing an ‘old and ugly’ fella.
Not much is known about the dude but some sources say he is a Dinka with lots of money.

Others say he’s Nigerian.
Whatever he is, the common denominator is MONEY.


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