ATMOSPHERE LOUNGE in Kololo has become a haven for most warm bloodied fellas looking to catch a pint in Kampala.

Not that it offers special discounts on drinks, or even special drinks not found in other hangouts.

There’s something about Atmosphere bar. THE NYARU WAITRESSES.

There’s no arguing against the fact that the bar, er, serves the hottest bartenders in Kampala. The girls are on point.
A good night out is not just about the amounts of liqour you consume.

It’s the whole experience, the ambience of the place, the creativity.

Not to mention it doesn’t hurt to get a serving of eye candy along with your drink.

And one place comes to mind. Atmosphere Lounge.

A hot bartender serenading you while whipping up fantastic cocktails can make all the difference to a night out.

And today we bring photos of the hottest bartenders at the Kololo based hangout….

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